Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Flu's A Bitch

Hello to all the Manson Lovers out there.

I know I haven't updated in a loooooooooooooooong ass time, but that's going to change.  Every Friday or Saturday (Depending on my homework situation) I'll update I promise.

So I had just gotten over being sick before the semester started.  I don't think it was the flu thank fuck for that.  Anyway, I had heard about how bad the flu was, and how crazy rampant it was this year.  It seems like some crazy epidemic or some shit.  So Z., where are you going with all this? you're probably asking yourself. (Probably not, I dunno).  Well if you hadn't checked any entertainment news or anything along those lines or if you just live under a rock.  I had heard from a friend on Thursday that Manson had collapsed on stage at his concert in Canada (I can't remember what city it was in I think it might have been Saskatoon).  I went to TMZ because she told me that the video was there (I can't stand TMZ, and the people in the comments piss me off).  I watched the video.  It kinda made me nervous.

I read down and apparently it was the flu, so I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious than that (not that the flu isn't serious, but it could have been worse).  Apparently he had said he felt sick all day, and when it came time for the concert, he didn't want to cancel it, so he just decided to preform.  I guess he felt worse because he puked a couple of times, collapsed, then (I think) puked again and had to be dragged off stage by some roadies.  Some people saw some EMTs put him in an ambulance, but apparently he went back to his hotel room and not the hospital.  If anyone was actually there that night, let me know if you saw anything.  I'm curious to know what happened after he was dragged off stage.

I was happy when I heard that he was okay, and that he was planning on preforming in Calgary the next day.  I just hope he felt better than he did when he collapsed.  So, for all his true fans out there, I just want to say that we hope he feels 100% better soon.  The flu can be a bitch, especially if you don't rest up and push yourself to the limit.

CONCERT DATES!! (I'll add the times later)

Feb 9th  -  Edmonton, Alberta - Shaw Conference Centre
Feb 11th - Vancouver, British Columbia -  Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Feb 12th - Seattle, Washington - Showbox Sodo
Feb 13th - Portland, Oregon - Roseland Ballroom | On Sale Dec 21

And don't forget (unless he's just forgoing it completely) You can still get VIP packages for the Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon events.  So get them before they're sold out!! DO IT DAMN IT!

That's all the MM news I have for now.  Stay safe and well in this crazy flu season :). 





Friday, July 13, 2012

New Tour

Hello to all the Manson maniacs.

I haven't posted in a while because I went on vacation and now I'm back.

Well the other day I was scrolling down my facebook news feed and noticed my best friend posted a poster for a one night only date in Phoenix, AZ with Rob Zombie.  I thought it was cool, then the next day I found out, via Manson's facebook page, he's going to be touring with Rob Zombie on the Twins of Evil Tour. I think it's quite awesome that those two are getting together for a tour with each other (especially since they always play Zombie after Manson on my Manson Pandora station), so I'd like to wish him all the luck with the new tour and I'll post the dates when it comes closer to the time, or you can check out the dates at his website.

That's all I have for now, post again soon.

~ Z.

As for the Hey Cruel World Tour:

July 14: Warsaw, Poland @  Stodola
July 15: Prague, Czech Republic @ Lucerna Hall
July 16: Dornbirn, Austria @ Messehalle | Poolbar Festival
July 19: Carcassonne, France @ La Citadelle / Theatre Jean Deschamps
July 21: Benicassim, Spain @ Headlining Costa De Fuego festival

Friday, June 8, 2012

Manson and Movies

Hi to all the other Manson Lovers,

I haven't blogged in a while, school will do that to you (fucking finals week) but I'm back so be happy.

 I noticed a new movie the Born Villain has been in (I've already seen Lost Highway, as well as The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things) .  It's called Wrong Cops Chapter One and it isn't that bad.  For anyone who hasn't seen it, Manson plays a kid with braces (and so awkward he's adorable) that loves music and gets 'kidnapped' by a cop that deals weed to people.

I recommend this movie to people who haven't seen it and love Manson.  The next few dates for the Hey Cruel World Tour are as follows (I'll post the times if I can find them) :

June 9th: Belgrade, Serbia @ the IQ Music Festival
June 12th: Kaunas, Lithuania @ Kaunas Arena
June 15th: Gothenburg, Sweden @ the Metaltown Festival
June 16th: Copenhagen, Denmark @ Copenhell
July 5th: London, England @ 02 Academy Brixton
July 6th: Liege, Belgium @ the Les Ardentes Festival

Well that's it for tonight, I'll blog some time during the weekend or next week.

~ Z.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Heros and the like.

Hi to all the other fans,

I was just going to share a little story.  On Monday I believe it was, these people from the school paper (or magazine I can't remember which) asked if I wanted to stand behind a podium and share who my hero was.  I jumped at the chance! When they told me to go ahead  I told them my hero was Mr. Manson himself.  The girl behind the camera got the biggest grin on her face.

Now let me explain, he's my hero because he's had a pretty hard life, and was getting blamed for shit (maybe he still is, I don't know for sure), that a lot of people may not be strong enough to live through.  He made it through all of that though without even considering killing himself, and when he went through his major dark period, he didn't kill himself then either.  He just put all that into his music and art and that's what makes him a true hero to me in my eyes.  Also if people would just get past his image, they'd see what a talented, smart, and quite funny man he actually is. 

Well, that's it for today. and don't forget tonight his show in Minnesota, Tomorrow in Wisconsin, and Sunday in Ohio, and the Canary Island show is canceled.

Until later,


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Finally Got It

Hi all,

I did it, I finally got 'Born Villain' on Monday after going to three places (Best Buy: Shipment didn't come in, Hot Topic: Completely sold out, Finally Target: I thought that there was a snowball's chance in hell I'd find it there.  Much less an uncensored version but there it was, sitting there ONE copy, and it was uncensored) and all I can say is wow.  The album is wonderful! First off, the cover art, Oh My Fucking God, it's so great, and he's major hot in it (two tone blue and black....yes please).  Secondly, the music is covered in a thick layer of awesome sauce.  Granted, yes I will admit that this album is not as good as his older stuff, but people can't stay the same forever.  Manson decided to change some and it isn't a bad thing at all.  The tracks are different but great in their own way, especially Pistol Whipped and Breaking the Same Old Ground.  You're so Vain is great too, and this is coming from someone that HATES the Carly Simon version with an intense passion, the collaboration he did with Johnny Depp on guitar is awesome.

However, there are a few down sides, the packaging for one, its a flimsy tri-fold piece of cardboard that has a hard plastic square where the disk is supposed to sit.  Secondly, there is no lyric book and on the back of the CD's housing it says "lyrics at".  Lastly, there's one picture that I really hate for a reason I won't divulge, so I may just take a black piece of paper or a piece of poster board and put it over the image, or I may just never look at the case again.

And for all the people in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston...He'll be in your town on the 11th (Dallas at the Palladium, 8:00 PM), 12th (San Antonio at the Sunken Gardens, 7:00 PM) , and 13th (Houston at the House of Blues, 8 PM) so be there if you can!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wandering Mind

I was just sitting in the dirty old library at my shit hole of a community college this afternoon, trying to get some work done when the WiFi wasn't trying to cut out on me, or completely cut out.  I wasn't really paying attention when Pandora started playing Orgy's cover of 'Blue Monday', thus distracting me from what I was supposed to be doing (like I could get anything done anyway).  I thought to myself, that I'd love to hear a Manson cover of this song.

There are people on youtube that claim that the version of  'Blue Monday' they had uploaded is Mr. Manson's but in reality it isn't, it's just Orgy's again and how anyone could actually think the guy from Orgy sounds anything like MM is beyond me, they sound nothing alike.  I want a real Manson cover of that song damn it! I don't think it will ever happen though, which is a shame. 

He's done so many wonderful covers from Sweet Dreams to You're so Vain.  Why not one more? I mean yeah his fans (me being one of them ;) ) want kick ass original work as well, but every time I hear Orgy's version I can't help but think Manson could do a better version (sorry Orgy fans). I mean, lets face it, that song would sound amazing with the sandpaper roughness of his voice, with a slightly darker tone to the melody of the song itself.

Before I get back to doing what I was trying to get done this afternoon. Just a friendly reminder :), Friday, MM will be at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, New Jersey (show starts at 8 I believe). I hope everyone that has/had tickets has/had a great time.

Also, just in case I can't get around to posting this weekend he has two more shows:

Saturday, May 5 in Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE and
Sunday, May 6 in Grand Rapids, MI @ the Orbit Room

~Goodnight for now~


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Really Don't Understand Some People's Reasoning

Hi everyone,

I was just thinking, there was the website I ran across a few weeks ago and I was discussing it with my best friend (not in great detail but I brought it up).  The website contains some testimonials from people (girls I assume) who met Manson around 96 and 97, (except for one because John 5 was mentioned and he joined in 98(?)) and how great they were personally, and all that shit.  If it did happen, wonderful, fine, its great you met them, but I doubt they said it happened in that way, if it happened at all.  Sure SOME parts of it might have happened but I don't know if it happened exactly the way they said it did, and that's where I have my doubts (people lending people money...etc.)

Granted, yes I'd love to meet them and I bet that Marilyn and Twiggy are very nice people.  From all accounts I've read and seen they seem like they would be, however, I don't think that all the accounts on that website are accurate. This may seem like a jealousy rant, but it really isn't because while I would love to meet Mr. Manson himself, it'll probably never happen and I have no jealousy for the people that do/did (well maybe a little but I'm not going with a teenager's account on what happened when they went to a Manson concert).

Speaking of Concerts....the tour continues tonight at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey and they'll be in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the House of Blues the show starts at 8:00 pm.  Tell me about it if you went...I wanna know.

All the Manson love in the world