Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Finally Got It

Hi all,

I did it, I finally got 'Born Villain' on Monday after going to three places (Best Buy: Shipment didn't come in, Hot Topic: Completely sold out, Finally Target: I thought that there was a snowball's chance in hell I'd find it there.  Much less an uncensored version but there it was, sitting there ONE copy, and it was uncensored) and all I can say is wow.  The album is wonderful! First off, the cover art, Oh My Fucking God, it's so great, and he's major hot in it (two tone blue and black....yes please).  Secondly, the music is covered in a thick layer of awesome sauce.  Granted, yes I will admit that this album is not as good as his older stuff, but people can't stay the same forever.  Manson decided to change some and it isn't a bad thing at all.  The tracks are different but great in their own way, especially Pistol Whipped and Breaking the Same Old Ground.  You're so Vain is great too, and this is coming from someone that HATES the Carly Simon version with an intense passion, the collaboration he did with Johnny Depp on guitar is awesome.

However, there are a few down sides, the packaging for one, its a flimsy tri-fold piece of cardboard that has a hard plastic square where the disk is supposed to sit.  Secondly, there is no lyric book and on the back of the CD's housing it says "lyrics at".  Lastly, there's one picture that I really hate for a reason I won't divulge, so I may just take a black piece of paper or a piece of poster board and put it over the image, or I may just never look at the case again.

And for all the people in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston...He'll be in your town on the 11th (Dallas at the Palladium, 8:00 PM), 12th (San Antonio at the Sunken Gardens, 7:00 PM) , and 13th (Houston at the House of Blues, 8 PM) so be there if you can!


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