Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Really Don't Understand Some People's Reasoning

Hi everyone,

I was just thinking, there was the website I ran across a few weeks ago and I was discussing it with my best friend (not in great detail but I brought it up).  The website contains some testimonials from people (girls I assume) who met Manson around 96 and 97, (except for one because John 5 was mentioned and he joined in 98(?)) and how great they were personally, and all that shit.  If it did happen, wonderful, fine, its great you met them, but I doubt they said it happened in that way, if it happened at all.  Sure SOME parts of it might have happened but I don't know if it happened exactly the way they said it did, and that's where I have my doubts (people lending people money...etc.)

Granted, yes I'd love to meet them and I bet that Marilyn and Twiggy are very nice people.  From all accounts I've read and seen they seem like they would be, however, I don't think that all the accounts on that website are accurate. This may seem like a jealousy rant, but it really isn't because while I would love to meet Mr. Manson himself, it'll probably never happen and I have no jealousy for the people that do/did (well maybe a little but I'm not going with a teenager's account on what happened when they went to a Manson concert).

Speaking of Concerts....the tour continues tonight at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey and they'll be in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the House of Blues the show starts at 8:00 pm.  Tell me about it if you went...I wanna know.

All the Manson love in the world

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