Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Flu's A Bitch

Hello to all the Manson Lovers out there.

I know I haven't updated in a loooooooooooooooong ass time, but that's going to change.  Every Friday or Saturday (Depending on my homework situation) I'll update I promise.

So I had just gotten over being sick before the semester started.  I don't think it was the flu thank fuck for that.  Anyway, I had heard about how bad the flu was, and how crazy rampant it was this year.  It seems like some crazy epidemic or some shit.  So Z., where are you going with all this? you're probably asking yourself. (Probably not, I dunno).  Well if you hadn't checked any entertainment news or anything along those lines or if you just live under a rock.  I had heard from a friend on Thursday that Manson had collapsed on stage at his concert in Canada (I can't remember what city it was in I think it might have been Saskatoon).  I went to TMZ because she told me that the video was there (I can't stand TMZ, and the people in the comments piss me off).  I watched the video.  It kinda made me nervous.

I read down and apparently it was the flu, so I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious than that (not that the flu isn't serious, but it could have been worse).  Apparently he had said he felt sick all day, and when it came time for the concert, he didn't want to cancel it, so he just decided to preform.  I guess he felt worse because he puked a couple of times, collapsed, then (I think) puked again and had to be dragged off stage by some roadies.  Some people saw some EMTs put him in an ambulance, but apparently he went back to his hotel room and not the hospital.  If anyone was actually there that night, let me know if you saw anything.  I'm curious to know what happened after he was dragged off stage.

I was happy when I heard that he was okay, and that he was planning on preforming in Calgary the next day.  I just hope he felt better than he did when he collapsed.  So, for all his true fans out there, I just want to say that we hope he feels 100% better soon.  The flu can be a bitch, especially if you don't rest up and push yourself to the limit.

CONCERT DATES!! (I'll add the times later)

Feb 9th  -  Edmonton, Alberta - Shaw Conference Centre
Feb 11th - Vancouver, British Columbia -  Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Feb 12th - Seattle, Washington - Showbox Sodo
Feb 13th - Portland, Oregon - Roseland Ballroom | On Sale Dec 21

And don't forget (unless he's just forgoing it completely) You can still get VIP packages for the Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon events.  So get them before they're sold out!! DO IT DAMN IT!

That's all the MM news I have for now.  Stay safe and well in this crazy flu season :). 





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