Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wandering Mind

I was just sitting in the dirty old library at my shit hole of a community college this afternoon, trying to get some work done when the WiFi wasn't trying to cut out on me, or completely cut out.  I wasn't really paying attention when Pandora started playing Orgy's cover of 'Blue Monday', thus distracting me from what I was supposed to be doing (like I could get anything done anyway).  I thought to myself, that I'd love to hear a Manson cover of this song.

There are people on youtube that claim that the version of  'Blue Monday' they had uploaded is Mr. Manson's but in reality it isn't, it's just Orgy's again and how anyone could actually think the guy from Orgy sounds anything like MM is beyond me, they sound nothing alike.  I want a real Manson cover of that song damn it! I don't think it will ever happen though, which is a shame. 

He's done so many wonderful covers from Sweet Dreams to You're so Vain.  Why not one more? I mean yeah his fans (me being one of them ;) ) want kick ass original work as well, but every time I hear Orgy's version I can't help but think Manson could do a better version (sorry Orgy fans). I mean, lets face it, that song would sound amazing with the sandpaper roughness of his voice, with a slightly darker tone to the melody of the song itself.

Before I get back to doing what I was trying to get done this afternoon. Just a friendly reminder :), Friday, MM will be at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, New Jersey (show starts at 8 I believe). I hope everyone that has/had tickets has/had a great time.

Also, just in case I can't get around to posting this weekend he has two more shows:

Saturday, May 5 in Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE and
Sunday, May 6 in Grand Rapids, MI @ the Orbit Room

~Goodnight for now~


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