Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to the Layer

Hi to all the Manson fans out there.  This is going to be my unofficial Manson blog, and this is my first blog ever.  I figured I'd make it interesting and it will have postings on the tour, albums and all things Manson fans want to know.

A little about me, I've been a Marilyn Manson minion since middle and high school.  I lost interest for a while,  then I came back hard core at the end of last year and yes I'm one of those people that thinks he's hot, however, that's not the ONLY reason I love this man.  I think he's a fantastic artist and musician and I hope he keeps making CD's and paintings for years to come and when it comes to interviews he has tons of personality and is extremely well spoken.  So I figured it appropriate that I with the help of my best friend, start a blog about the man himself.

I figured I'd start today because:
A.) It's the first of the month and I decided that the first would be a nice day to start instead of some random day at the end or middle of the month. and,
B.) 'Born Villain' dropped today so I could have some news to report on..lol.
So I want to give a huge congrats to Manson on releasing what I hope to be a wonderful new album, but from what I've heard I loved 'No Reflection' (and if you haven't checked out the video for it yet, DO IT NOW, I'll wait) and the Bonus track 'You're so Vain' done with Johnny Depp are great. I for one can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

As for the 'Hey Cruel World' Tour, which, sadly, isn't coming to California began on the 27th (to my knowledge) and tonight he's performing at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD (Show starts at 8) so if you're out that way, and have or can get tickets (I believe the show is sold out) let me know how it was.

Thanks for reading and I'll try to keep it interesting.


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